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Summer can be brutal, but you don't have to suffer through it. Reach out to us today for a consultation and start your journey towards a cooler and more comfortable home. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that you stay cool and comfortable throughout the summer by providing reliable and efficient AC replacement services. Let us help you stay ahead of the game and beat the heat this season.

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Our primary goal at Expert HVAC Services is to make sure that your home remains comfortable throughout every season. We excel in providing top-notch repair, installation, and maintenance services that guarantee optimal cooling and comfort for your household all year long.

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What You Need to Know

During scorching summer months, air conditioning plays a vital role in our lives. Nonetheless, just like any other appliance, it can malfunction and necessitate repairs. To avoid further damages and expensive repairs, it’s crucial to attend to any AC unit issues as soon as possible. This article will share tips and tricks on how to fix your air conditioning unit. For more information about Houston, please explore further.

As a homeowner, you may encounter several common problems with your air conditioning unit. These issues can include the unit not turning on, weak airflow, strange noises, leaking refrigerant, and a frozen evaporator coil. If your AC unit is not turning on, make sure the thermostat is set to cool and check the circuit breaker. Weak airflow can be caused by a dirty air filter, blocked ductwork, or a malfunctioning fan motor. Strange noises may be a sign of a loose fan blade, a failing compressor, or a worn belt. If you suspect a refrigerant leak or a frozen evaporator coil, call a professional HVAC technician. However, some issues can be addressed with DIY repair tips such as regularly changing the air filter, cleaning the condenser coils, checking the thermostat, and inspecting the ductwork for blockages. Keeping your air conditioning unit well-maintained can help prevent common problems and ensure optimal performance.

Air conditioning is essential to staying comfortable during the hot summer months. However, when your AC breaks down, it can be expensive to have it repaired. Fortunately, there are several DIY air conditioning repair tips that you can use to fix minor issues and keep your AC running smoothly. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most common problems that can occur with your AC unit and provide tips on how to troubleshoot and fix them yourself. more info

Tip #1: Clean or Replace Air Filters

One of the most common causes of AC problems is dirty or clogged air filters. When the filters become dirty, they can restrict airflow, causing your AC unit to work harder than it needs to. This can lead to a range of issues, including reduced cooling performance, higher energy bills, and even damage to the compressor. To avoid these problems, it’s important to clean or replace your air filters regularly.

Brands Mentioned: Amana | Lenox | Goodman

Tip #2: Check the Thermostat

Another common cause of AC problems is a faulty thermostat. If your AC isn’t turning on or isn’t cooling your home properly, the thermostat may be to blame. Before calling a professional, try replacing the batteries in your thermostat or checking the settings to make sure they’re set correctly.

Tip #3: Clean the Condenser Unit

The condenser unit is responsible for releasing heat from your home. If it becomes dirty or clogged, it can reduce the efficiency of your AC unit and cause it to work harder than it needs to. To keep your condenser unit clean, use a hose to wash away any dirt or debris that may have accumulated on the unit.

Tip #4: Check the Refrigerant Levels

Refrigerant is the substance that cools the air in your AC unit. If your AC isn’t blowing cold air, it may be due to low refrigerant levels. To check the refrigerant levels, you’ll need to use a refrigerant gauge to measure the pressure in the unit. If the pressure is low, you may need to add more refrigerant.

Tip #5: Inspect the Ductwork

If your AC isn’t cooling your home properly, the ductwork may be to blame. Over time, ductwork can become damaged or disconnected, causing air leaks that reduce the efficiency of your AC unit. To check the ductwork, inspect the ducts for any visible signs of damage or disconnects.

Tip #6: Check the Fan Blades

The fan blades in your AC unit are responsible for circulating the air throughout your home. If the blades become bent or damaged, they may not be able to move air effectively. To check the fan blades, turn off the power to your AC unit and inspect the blades for any signs of damage.

Tip #7: Lubricate Moving Parts

To keep your AC unit running smoothly, it’s important to lubricate the moving parts regularly. This includes the fan motor, blower motor, and other moving parts in the unit. Use a high-quality lubricant to keep the parts moving smoothly and reduce wear and tear on the unit.


Humble, TX:

Humble, situated northeast of Houston in Harris County, Texas, is a city with a humid subtropical climate, characterized by hot summers and mild winters. The average temperature in Humble hovers around 70°F annually, and the humidity level averages around 78%. Given the similarity in climate with Houston, HVAC systems in Humble often encounter challenges in maintaining comfortable indoor environments. To assist residents and businesses in Humble, we provide a range of HVAC services, including installation, repair, and maintenance, ensuring that their systems work efficiently and reliably.

Humble, TX is a city located in Harris County, Texas, United States. It is a part of the Houston metropolitan area and is approximately 20 miles north of downtown Houston. The city is home to a population of around 16,000 people, according to the 2020 US Census.

One of the main attractions in Humble is the Deerbrook Mall, which is a large indoor shopping center with a variety of shops and restaurants. There are also several parks in the area, including the Mercer Arboretum and Botanic Gardens, which feature over 250 acres of gardens, trails, and exhibits showcasing native plants and wildlife.

Humble is also known for its history in the oil industry. The city was founded in the early 19th century and was a major center for the production of oil during the early 20th century. Today, the city’s economy is diversified with a mix of industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, and retail.

Humble is home to several schools, including Humble High School, which is part of the Humble Independent School District. The city is also served by Lone Star College, which provides higher education opportunities for residents of the surrounding areas.

Overall, Humble offers a suburban feel with a mix of urban amenities. Its proximity to Houston provides residents with easy access to a range of cultural, educational, and entertainment opportunities.

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