Ductless Mini Split Systems

Ductless Mini Split Systems in Houston, Spring, Pearland, Woodlands, TX, and Surrounding Areas

According to AC installation experts, a ductless mini-split uses a central network of air ducts to distribute heated or chilled air throughout the house. Instead, individual blower units are utilized, allowing you to control the temperature in various parts of your home independently.

Ductless Mini Split Systems are one of the most energy-efficient and cost-effective ways to heat and cool your home. They are also one of the easiest to install, requiring only a small hole in an exterior wall for the outdoor unit. Contact us today for a free estimate on a Houston TX ductless mini-split system. Our experienced technicians will help you choose the right size and type of system for your needs and budget.

Advantages of mini splits

Flexibility and small size

Ductless mini-split systems in Houston, TX\’s main benefits are their compact size and flexible zoning, and cooling separate rooms. For up to four zones or rooms connected to one outdoor unit, many models allow for the use of up to four indoor air handling units.

The figure varies based on how much cooling the building needs or for each zone. How well the structure is air sealed and insulated may have an impact on this. Since each zone will have its thermostat, you can save energy and money by only conditioning a room when people are in it. Learn more

No energy was lost

Mini-splits avoid the energy losses associated with ductwork in central forced air systems because they don’t have any.

More than 30% of the energy used for air conditioning can come from duct losses, mainly if the ducts are in an unconditioned area like an attic. For attic insulation in Houston, TX, always call professionals.

Simple to install

Additionally, installing ductless mini-split systems in Houston, TX, is frequently more straightforward than installing other air conditioning systems. For instance, the conduit only typically needs a three-inch hole through a wall to connect the outdoor and indoor units.

As a result, you can put the outdoor unit up to 50 feet away from the indoor evaporator if necessary. The compressor outside the building allows the cooling of rooms on the front side of the building.

So many options for installation

There are also floor-standing models available. The indoor air handlers can also be hung on a wall or suspended from the ceiling. Most indoor units have profiles roughly seven inches deep and typically have slick futuristic-looking jackets.

According to experts in attic insulation, many also include remote control, making it simpler to turn the system on and off.

Advantages of expert AC installation

Measuring and sizing are part of professional installation

Make sure the power levels of the new air conditioner match the area it must cool before installing it. It must also be compatible with your current ductwork and meet other specifications that can only be determined by a professional.

Guarantees are included with professional installation

If anything goes wrong, you are responsible for any damage caused by a DIY installation. Professionals, however, are bonded, insured, and have the training needed to complete the installation without any issues.

Increases effectiveness and durability

Bolts, seals, placement in the space, and electrical connections are just a few of the numerous minor components that go into an installation. Poor management of these could result in the air conditioner still working, but at the expense of decreased efficiency and increased wear and tear.

We also offer financing options to make your new ductless mini-split system even more affordable. So call today and start saving on your energy bills tomorrow! We also offer comprehensive and reliable services of heating and cooling You can contact us at 832-231-2859.

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